Dear Tropicalistas, we would like to introduce you a fellow countryman in a fellow diaspora in the city of Berlin. We are happy to welcome BANTUNAGOJEJE to the Tropical Diaspora® Records musical world. After years in the same city building our ways through our diaspora experience in Germany, we finally meet and the result is a great encounter, that shows the manner how people take their past and present into their own hands. We are glad to be an instrument for this purpose.

Born from the fusion of Afrobeat with Afro-Brazilian and Tropical Rhythms with a Jazz approach, BANTUNAGOJEJE delivers its first single „MAVAMBO“ (February 2019), opening up their path with heavy beats and a furious tropical flavor to it.

BANTUNAGOJEJÊ is a Berlin-based band led by Brazilian Saxophonist and Composer Paulo Cedraz from the city of Salvador da Bahia. It features some of the best musicians from the Jazz and Latin scenes in Berlin, hailing from many different countries. BANTUNAGOJEJE delivers intense grooves in skillfully crafted, original compositions made to make you dance.

Its name derives from three words: BANTU, NAGO and JEJE referring to African peoples that were enslaved, brought to Brazil and are responsible for the rich Afro Brazilian cultural heritage. Bahia’s culture and Afro-Brazilian culture are inseparable. BANTUNAGOJEJE is a powerful word of acknowledgement, a political and cultural manifestation of love and respect.

With a handful of diverse tracks under their sleeve, BANTUGOJEJE is out to thrive and expand the possibilities of the genre originated by the late Fela Kuti.