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This is our first Record and it is Sold out, only few copies available!

This is the first edition our 7 inch record collection also “Bugiganga Tropical Vol.1” with two exclusive songs from Sao Paulo and Barcelona also by Banda Jardes and Super Spanish Combo.


This is our first Record and it is Sold out, only few copies available!

Tropical Diaspora® Records next release – Super Spanish Combo & Banda Jardes

Mataron A Juan Andrés by Super Spanish Combo • 2106 Barcelona – Spain

We know the Super Spanish Combo since the beginning in Barcelona and at least we could realize a big live show with those guys in Berlin at the Tropical Diaspora Vol.37 last year. We define the band as a “Band with responsibility and conscience” since the Combo have an affinity to texts with strong content. To point this great combo characteristic just let´s take the case of Juan Andrés Benítez from the district of Raval in Barcelona. Juan Andres Benitez Alvarez was 50 years old, born in Seville and lived more then 10 years in Barcelona, where he had two commercial establishments in the area known as ‘Gayxample’ of Barcelona. A video shows how four policemen kicked, punched, kneed and kill the man as he “squealed like a pig”, how one of the neighbours who filmed the event put it.
We are very proud to press this protest latin song for all Juan Andrés every where in the world!

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Grilos Da Vida by Banda Jardes • 1976 Original Samba Rock from São Paulo – Brazil

Many stories around this records exists and in Sao Paulo in the vinyl stores everybody know this record that is practically impossible to be found. One of the stories told by Regis himself is that somebody in that times as the band was very known in the city has made thousands of illegal copies of the record and as the band, producer and Regis began to search for the responsible and the pressure got to strong this guys trow all records that had not been sold in the river Tiete.

Anyway this year i meet Regis in Sao Paulo to get his only one copy of the record, he has made it clear, the record is only borrowed for our Tropical Diaspora Records project also we will press this song by our label soon. We will take it from this records that is in a very good condition. The record is now in Berlin and before we press a new 7 inch with this groove, the audience here will have the opportunity to hear and dance this great samba rock by the Jardes Band.

Cover Design by Matthias Beck – www.estudiorosebud.com

With this record we are pleased to announce the launch of our record collection Bugiganga Tropical. This is a 4 records collection with special cover designs based on Tropical Diaspora´s Records concept and realized by the designer Matthias Beck from Estudio Rosebud based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With plants related to the African-Diaspora in the Americas the cover art should help the beholder to remember why Africans were brought along to the Americas. For us the connection to the cultural and in our case musical legacy related to this movements from mainland Africa. This first cover art with a coffee plant remember us the kind of work Africans did in many regions in South-America, the regions where those rhythms were created trough the interaction between Africans and or Europeans and or Native south Americans. He hope you enjoy this records as we do!

Dj Garrincha.

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Dj GARrinchA, founding father, producer and resident spinner at TROPICAL DIASPORA along with Dj Dr.Sócrates, describes his party’s musical ethos as “The platform for live music and performance in Berlin dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.”


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