Donate today! that´s easy!

//Donate today! that´s easy!

Donate today! that´s easy!

Why Give

Tropical Diaspora Records is a 100% independent music label. Its goal is not to make money but to produce music. That’s why Tropical Diaspora Records needs your support too.

If you are an enthusiast of truly independent music that enriches your soul. If you are yourself a person that has experienced a sociocultural Diaspora, or know about it. If your understanding of music is off-centered and you believe that borders are there to be crossed. Then you are a friend and part of the community of the Diaspora music that Tropical Diaspora Records devotes itself.

If you believe that independent media is vitally important to you and in order to sustain this lively community of independent creators. Donate today. It’s easy, and it helps!

Benefits of your Donation.

  • surprise Gift by Tropical Diaspora Records Team!
  • early bird access to new releases
  • mix tapes downloads
  • our vinyl records for special prices
  • our vinyl records for free from 100,- euro donation
  • free tickets for all tropical diaspora party´s world wide

Where does the money go?

We want to produce good quality independent music. We want to sign with artists in the best possible conditions for them. We respect their work. Our contracts are fair. We don’t want to outsource the production of our records in order to save money and ending producing under exploitative conditions. We want to be fair with sound engineers, recording technicians, designers and manufacturers.

That’s why we need your help… to keep the musical Diaspora flowing.

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Stream the Sound of Tropical Diaspora

Dj GARrinchA, founding father, producer and resident spinner at TROPICAL DIASPORA along with Dj Dr.Sócrates, describes his party’s musical ethos as “The platform for live music and performance in Berlin dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.”


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