Project Description

Forró de Cabeça

Tropical Diaspora® Records presents Forró de Cabeça

Tropical Diaspora Records welcomes a new member in our musical universe, the Band Forró de Cabeça!

Originated in our regular Tropical Diaspora Party in Berlin this project is one we were waiting for since the beginning of our journey as recording company. The Tropical Diaspora Party in Berlin was the space and laboratory for many local bands where artistic freedom and joy came together. These Bands were playing in the most relevant venues of the German capital. One party worth to mention was the Tropical Diaspora Party Vol.39 at the venue BiNuu. The experiment was to have for the first time ever two bands on the stage playing Cumbia and Forró. We call this joint venture FORRÚMBIA, an event to promote those two great rhythms from South-America. This was the kick start for the new record to be released soon by Tropical Diaspora Records honoring the original new roots music from Brazil.

Forró de Cabeça is a band that gives people of different ages and backgrounds the possibility to dive into the cultural roots of the state of Pernambuco in the North-East Brazil including rhythms such as forró, coco, afoxé and ciranda.

Carlos Eduardo and Hans Santos conceived in 2014 the band Forró de Cabeça after extensive work performed by them in other areas of the regional music in Pernambuco state. Music companions for many years the musicians felt the need for a musical project that includes more forró, arrasta-pé, xóte, xaxado e baião all original and very popular rhythms in the Brazilian north east. In 2015 other musicians were invited to be part of the project: Ivanildo Valença, Jonatan Tavares and Maiara Nogueira. In 2017 Maiara Nogueira joins the production team and invites her sister, Priscila Tamar to sing in the band and so bringing the band to the current formation. Carlos Eduardo (percussion and vocal) has been percussionist for over 15 years and influenced by samba and coco de embolada another very popular root rhythm in that region. For over 8 years he has been part of the Maracatu Real da Várzea, under the direction of Abissal de Pernambuco one of the great masters in the Maracatu world. Hans Santos (Rabeca / fiddle and lead vocal) is self-taught musician and between 2014 and 2015 he toured in Germany during an exchange program. Together with different Forró groups, musicians and producers he had the opportunity to tour and play in many events, at a time in Europe when the interest in those rhythms increase dramatically. For more than 10 years Hans Santos has also been part of the Maracatu Real da Várzea and participated in different cultural groups of coco (Mestre coquista Zé LascaVara, e o coco que Roda), burra (Burra da Várzea), boi (Boi Teimoso, Várzea), cavalo-marinho (Boi Caboclo, Várzea), history telling (Beth Cruz), Afoxé (C.Mestre Uá; Jeane Siqueira). Ivanildo Valença (triangle and vocal) is dj and member of the Maracatu Real da Várzea, such as Jonatan Tavares (zabumba and vocal) and Priscila Tamar (percussion and vocal), both music students, mainly through Maracatu, in the district of Várzea.

Forró de Cabeça has been featured in several cultural events in Recife, the main city of Pernambuco among others in the region The repertoire includes own compositions as well as partnerships with masters of the historical and cultural district of Várzea in Recife. The band brings together in the lyrics the popular culture and the nature of the region. Additionally to their own compositions the Band features traditional and very danceable songs of xóte, pé-de-serra e coco by masters of the Brazilian popular music with new arrangements and adaptations, such as Luiz Gonzaga, Luiz Paixão, Dominguinhos, Siba and  Cila do Coco to mention few of them.

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