Project Description

Formed in 2008, the Ska Maria Pastora is an instrumental music project of musicians who have in common the taste for Ska, Reggae and of course Frevo. Taking advantage of the similarity between these styles, the band made Olinda’s main rhythm Frevo the melodic basis for their Ska’s composition. Ska Maria Pastora, influenced by Capiba, Nelson Ferreira, Spok Frevo Orchestra, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation, Don Drummond and The Skatalites, the main exponent of ska, who mixed European music with the Caribbean.

Ska Maria Pastora is:

Deco Trombone (Trombone)
Oroska (percussion)
Sanzyo Dub (drums)
Vitor Magall (guitar)
Jayme Monteiro (guitar)
Valdir Pereira (bass)
Leo Vinesof (keyboard)
Daniel Ferraz (Trumpet)
Deri Sax (Sax Soprano)