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Bugiganga Tropical Vol.3 ★ The 7 inch Collection ★

Release Date 12.2018

Forró de Cabeça • New 7″ • MAMANGAVA PRETA •  limited edition

Tropical Diaspora® Records presents

Forró de Cabeça is a band that sees in the musical heritage of the state of Pernambuco (in the Northeast region of Brazil) the chance to reinvigorate the interests of different age groups for the regional rhythms like forró, coco, afoxé and ciranda by creating an atmosphere of joy and entertainment.

After extensive working with different aspects of the Pernambucan musical heritage Forro de Cabeça came to life in 2014 founded by Carlos Eduardo and Hans Santos. Fellow musicians for years they felt the need to do a work that could encompass forró, arrasta-pé, xote, xaxado and baião. In 2015 other musicians were invited to join the project: Ivanildo Valença, Jonatan Tavares and Maiara Nogueira. In 2017 Maiara Nogueira becomes part of the producing team and asks her sister, Priscila Tamar, to join as singer.

Carlos Eduardo (voice and percussion) has been a percussionist for more than 15 years who has directed his interest towards samba and coco de embolada. He has been part for 8 years of Maracatu Real de Várzea under the direction of Abissal de Pernambuco. Hans Santos (rabeca / fiddle and main voice) is a self-taught musician. Between 2014-2015 he was in Germany in an exchange programme touring together with different forró bands. His interest in the rhythm grew as he played in the alternative music scene of Berlin, on stages like Binuu, Maze and others. Ivanildo Valença (triangle and voice) is a DJ in the electronic music scene of Pernambuco, who has been working for more than 14 years with the genre, as well as being part of Maracatu Real de Várzea like Jonatan Tavares (zabumba / bass drum and voice) and Priscila Tamar (percussion and voice), both students of the popular wisdom of music, mainly of Maracatu in the neighbourhood of Várzea.

Forro de Cabeça takes part in popular events in Recife and throughout the state of Pernambuco, and also in other states. Its set includes original compositions that refer to the nature of popular culture and it has also joined masters of the historical and cultural neighbourhood of Várzea in Recife. It also plays traditional songs of xote, pé-de-serra and coco with new arrangements and adaptations. Great masters like Luiz Gonzaga, Luiz Paixão, Dominguinhos, Siba e Cila do Coco, count among the main influences of the band.

★ This release is a limited edition of 300 copies ★


This Records is a production in Cooperation with the Band Forró de Cabeça

Forró de Cabeça

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Hans Santos at Tropical Diaspora Party

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