• With this new single El Doctor & Tamarita of EL V and The Gardenhouse Tropical Diaspora® Records brings to you not just the superb music of the Italian combo but something that we love at Tropical Diaspora® Records, that is, music with political content and, in this case, nothing less than two inspiring tracks about revolution: the revolutionary socialism of Tamarita and the Corinthian Democracy led by Doutor Sócrates that can be summarised by the phrase “Ser Campeão é Detalhe” / “Being Champion is a Detail”. A revolutionary music that introduces a group of musicians who after thirty years of activity aren’t going to give up. Tomorrow is going to be too late, says EL V, who creates a live-based musical experience in a versatile cultural, linguistic and social context. We have to make a difference today!, because it is today that we have the urgency to intervene, to regain control of world going adrift! At a time in which a culture of walls and divisions wants to take over, music fight back!
  • This is our first Record and it is Sold out, only few copies available!

    This is the first edition our 7 inch record collection also "Bugiganga Tropical Vol.1" with two exclusive songs from Sao Paulo and Barcelona also by Banda Jardes and Super Spanish Combo.
  • Doctor Nativo is one of Central America’s most exciting new talents. His music explores themes of Mayan spirituality, social justice and folk wisdom, punctuated by an explosive sound combining reggae, cumbia, hip hop, and Mayan traditional music. His live show is a powerful experience that has captivated audiences all throughout the Americas and Europe. Doctor Nativo first made his name in Guatemalan hip hop scene, working with the highly acclaimed group Bacteria Soundsystem Crew. After years of combining reggae and hip hop, he had an epiphany when he began to explore his indigenous roots under the guidance of the elder Tata Pedro. In pursuing this path, he was moved to form the first Mayan rap group, Balam Ajpu, who are known throughout Mayan communities for rapping in T’zutuhil, celebrating the traditional cosmology, and sharing the culture with a wider audience.  
  • Transilvanians exclusively for Tropical Diaspora® Records.

    We at Tropical Diaspora Records are very proud to announce the release of the new single of the Galician band Transilvanians, the fifth in their career, "Two Fireworks In Hi-Fi". The 7-inch record includes two killers versions in R&B Jamaican style of Clarence Henry and Laurel Aitken. The A-side includes a version of the acclaimed "Boogie In My Bones" by the great Laurel Aitken, the Godfather of ska. A stylish rocksteady dancefloor hit that keeps on Aitken's early RnB style.

    The B-side is a smooth and elegant ska version of "Ain't Got No Home", the debut hit of the New Orleans-born RnB singer and pianist Clarence "Frogman" Henry. "Two Fireworks In Hi-Fi" was recorded in the studios Pressure Drop (Vigo, Spain) by Javier Vicente and produced by L-Cobra and Javier Vicente.

      Transilvanians is a seven piece band from Vigo town (Galiza, Spanish State) formed in 2004. Band members come from different music styles and adventures, all of them focused in black sounds and also sci-fi & horror movies. Transilvanians are...
    • Xabi "Space Duke" Vieitez & Martín V. - Piano & Hammond
    • Javier Marcos - Voz & percusión
    • Nestor Meizoso - Baixo
    • Antonio "Pam-Pam" Rodríguez - Trombón, voces & percusión
    • Pedro Fariñas - Saxo & percusión
    • Xoaquín "L Cobra" Seoane - Batería & voces
    • Charly "Doctor C" Varela - Guitarra

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Dj GARrinchA, founding father, producer and resident spinner at TROPICAL DIASPORA along with Dj Dr.Sócrates, describes his party’s musical ethos as “The platform for live music and performance in Berlin dedicated to the fusion of different styles, a culture way that is especially cultivated in Brazil since the days of Tropicalia.”


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